Essential Oils + Yoga

"You are the Universe. Express yourself."
Breath, move gently and learn simple ways to enhance your health and wellness. This workshop has a particular focus on learning how to bring optimal mindfulness to your Yoga practice with the support of essential oils. In this 2-hr workshop, you will get to learn and experience 5-6 essential oils and create your own " Arise" and “Grounding” EO blend to bring that magic on the mat with you! (This class will take place outdoors.)

Aromatherapy is good for:

  • Enhancing practices like mindful meditation + yoga

  • Provide stress relief

  • Relieve tension headaches

  • Act as an instant mood lifter

  • Find focus

  • Establish peace and calm

  • Relaxed + restful sleep

  • 60 Minute All Level Yoga (beginners welcome!)
  • Essential Oil Demonstration + Lesson
  • 2 Roller Ball Essential Oil blends that you created.
What to Bring:
  • A Yoga Mat & Mask. (Due to COVID-19 all participants MUST BRING A YOGA MAT & MASK)
  • Any blanket or towel you wish to lay under your mat for extra comfort (optional).
  • Please be mindful and dress weather appropriate. All classes are held outside.
  • Other to bring (optional): Water, SPF, Camera, Hat
  •  Please refer to our COVID Guidelines for more information