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Moon Flow Yoga and
Tarot Card Workshop

"Divination, moving meditation, introspection & a little body magic.
A unique experience of the self, through the self, to the self."

Practicing yoga and reading tarot cards are two ways that many people learn to tune in, reflect, and strengthen their connection to themselves and the world around them.


In this Yoga & Tarot workshop, students will be guided through a yoga practice, with Jenn of Wildflower Yoga, consisting of Moon Salutations - the ancient yoga sequence designed to quiet the mind and calm the body while drawing on the feminine energy of the moon. It includes low-impact poses that activate the nervous system for rest, digestion into the new and, opening of the hips.


Afterwards you will learn the themes and lessons of the Tarot cards with Adrienne from Mad Lavender Farm and Jenn. Together they will take you through a journaling activity based on intention settings for the New or Full Moon while also having your Tarot card read to further your manifestations for a grounded, deeper understanding of our minds and the Universe at large.

This workshop is designed to be engaging for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Expect a combination of journaling, basic and restorative yoga poses, and a single card spread tarot reading for yourself.
Note: This class is limited to 12 people per class.

  • 60 Minute All Level Yoga of Moon Salutations (beginners welcome!)
  • 30 minute Tarot Card Workshop & Reading
  • Take home worksheets on Full/New Moon intention settings & Tarot
What to Bring:
  • A Yoga Mat & any props needed ( These will not be provided)
  • Any blanket or towel you wish to lay under your mat for extra comfort (optional).
  • Please be mindful and dress weather appropriate. All classes are held outside.
  • Other to bring (optional): Water, SPF, Camera, Hat
  • This event takes place at: Mad Lavender Farm, 452 Co Rd 579, Milford, NJ